Bird Watching at Andaman - Andaman Beach Combing

Bird Watching at Andaman

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are home to over 242 species of birds, of which 39 are unique to the islands. Ornithologists describe them as endemic, birds that have evolved into distinctive species because of the insularity of their habitats. Soon we saw more endemic species like the olive-backed sunbird and Andaman swallow. These islands are a birdwatcher’s paradise.
All the endemic birds are forest-dwelling species; some appear quite commonly in disturbed forest and have been recorded near the capital, Port Blair. In the Andamans, one does not necessarily need to be an expert or have trained eye to spot and admire some of these fine feathered fellows. Given the dense canopy of forests, the mangrove ecosystem and the wide array of tropical fruits, birds., some patience and a good guide will have you awe struck at the sheer beauty and uniqueness of the endemic species that have evolved on these stunning islands.

1) Chidiyatapu
2) Mt. Harriet National Park

1) Parrot Island
2) Baratang Island